Comedy Bootcamp Application

To be considered as a participant in the ASAP-VA Comedy Bootcamp program, please fill out this survey to the best of your ability. Please use this application to tell us about yourself and your interest in Comedy Bootcamp. This is your opportunity to demonstrate why you want to be involved in this program. Learning about your interests, passion, and background will help us put together a class with an array of perspectives and backgrounds. If you have any questions about the application, please message Thank you for your interest!

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When did you serve in the military? *
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Are you a combat veteran? *
Combat veteran defined as serving in a combat zone in a military capacity.
In general, what are you hoping to accomplish through the Comedy Bootcamp program? *
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Within the last two to three years, how many times have you performed stand-up comedy? *
The Comedy Bootcamp class is specifically designed for people with little to no stand-up comedy experience.
i.e. improv, acting, etc.