Strong Ending: A Journey From Combat to Comedy

Throughout 2017 and 2018, we partnered with Audible’s comedy team to produce Strong Ending: A Journey from Combat to Comedy, an audio-documentary narrated by Emmy- and Tony award-winning actress Mary-Louise Parker. A top-10 best-seller in 2018, this Audible Original features our own ASAP alumni, Michael Garvey, Isaura Ramírez, and Patrick Harth -- alongside professional comedians like Rob RiggleMaria Bamford, and JP Connolly. Check out the behind-the-scenes interview with Mary-Louise Parker to learn more about Strong Ending.

What Listeners Are Saying…

I was a very lucky man and spent my time in the Army during a small window of no shooting, back in the mid 70’s.. Post Vietnam letdown I guess. Hearing these vets let go of the pain in this way is totally inspiring.
— John, Newbury Park, CA
This is a beautiful glimpse into the lives, and hearts, of Veterans. The courage to just do it, after what each has experienced, is awe inspiring. The personal transformation they speak of, breathtaking.

To serve and, literally, fight for this Country is, in itself, remarkable - but, to survive it - the after - and walk the walk of a civilian, and continue to live, and heal - is phenomenal. I fell in love with each story. Smiled and cried, like the Military Mom I am, wishing I could hug them each long and hard. Listen. Very worth your time.
— Pearl, USA
I learned a lot about how serving in the military (in a wide range of roles) can affect individuals. The comedy was insightful - and I found the comedian’s/veterans’ stories very interesting. I was impressed at how the piece was put together, and this added to the enjoyment. It was funny, interesting and at times uncomfortable listening. This was well worth my time listening to, and it’d be great if it were in general circulation for non-Audible folk to hear. I think many people could benefit from hearing these stories.
— Miss Dawes, Brisbane

Listen to Strong Ending

Interested in listening to Strong Ending and exploring the positive benefits of humor, laughter, and community among our alumni and beyond? Click the button below to download the full-audio documentary.

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