A Common Bond II: An ASAP Anthology

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A Common Bond II: An ASAP Anthology

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When you think of a veteran or service member what comes to mind? A hero? A victim? Oftentimes, books about veterans and the military are told in valorizing or victimizing terms. This is not one of those books. A Common Bond II is a project of the Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP), a nonprofit that aims to cultivate community and growth with veterans, service members, military families, and caregivers through the arts. Creativity is born from community--and all of the stories and poems in this anthology are written by veterans, service members, and military family members who continue to participate in ASAP’s classes and workshops. Some stories are tragic, others are comedic. Some relate to the military, others have nothing to do with it. Yet collectively, these stories articulate a more diverse and dynamic narrative of the veteran, military, and human experience.

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