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Thank you for participating in the voting process to select the recent ASAP alumni that will be featured in Performance with Purpose: A Veterans Showcase on December 5th at The DC Improv. We are excited to highlight the performances and pieces from our veterans, service members, and military families, and we are grateful for your willingness to play a role in selecting who will take the stage. You will be given three votes for each category (stand-up comedy, storytelling, and creative writing), and can vote for one, two, or all three of the categories. For example, if you are a Comedy Bootcamp alumnus, you can choose to solely vote for Comedy Bootcamp alumni, or you can watch the storytelling performances and read the creative writing pieces and choose to submit votes for all three categories. Only ASAP participants, alumni, mentors, instructors are eligible to vote. Voting will remain open until midnight on Sunday, September 30th. If you have additional questions, please contact

To vote, please follow these steps:

  • Watch the videos and/or read the pieces from our nominees

  • Scroll down to the voting forms at the bottom of this page

  • Submit your votes for one, two, or all three categories

Happy Voting!


Kristen Howard (Fall 2017)

Stephanie Burgess (Spring 2018)

Brian Stechschulte (Spring 2018)

Adam Keys (Summer 2018)

Tracey Swinarskey (Summer 2018)

Meg Mitcham (Fall 2017)

Kim DeFiori (Spring 2018)

Steven Bugenske (Summer 2018)

Nick Nelsen (Summer 2018)

Caroline Walsh (Summer 2018)

Matt Zeller (Fall 2017)

Hayes Larsen (Spring 2018)

Margarita Cruz-Vargas (Summer 2018)

Maggie Phillips (Summer 2018)



Jacob Boggs (Fall 2017)

Michael Sainte-Andress (Fall 2017)

Maureen Elias (Fall 2017)

Chris Croghan (Spring 2018)

Spencer Sullivan (Spring 2018)

Charles McCaffrey (Fall 2017)

Solomon Robinson-Peck (Spring 2018)





You will be given up to 3 votes for each category and are allowed to place votes in one, two, or all three categories. Multiple votes for the same nominee from one individual will only count once. Names are recorded solely to ensure that votes are counted once and votes are restricted to ASAP participants, alumni, mentors, instructors, and volunteers. Your name and votes will remain confidential to ASAP staff ONLY.


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