Offering classes, performances, and partnerships in the arts for veterans, service members, and military families.


Weekly group piano and guitar sessions for service members and veterans in the local community. 



Weekly stand-up and improv comedy classes for service members and veterans led by professional comedians.

Weekly writing classes and bimonthly writing group sessions for service members, veterans, and military families.


Visual Arts

Weekly classes in ceramics, drawing, and painting for veterans, service members, and military families.

In Their Words

“[Comedy Bootcamp] was life-saving. I was withdrawn from people, had thoughts of suicide, and no direction for my life. Now I am performing in front of people and looking forward to waking up everyday. Redefining my purpose ... has been a big help.”  - Scott Farley, USMC Veteran
"The Veterans Writing Group helps by giving vets, and the families of vets, a haven for sharing and creating work that restores, reveals opportunities we’d otherwise miss, and gets us re-situated - to heal and become whole again."                                    - Jenny Loveland, USAF Veteran
“When I was injured in 2003, music, and my faith, gave me a reason to keep going. I deal with PTSD/TBI symptoms daily and have been on a search for a mental 'exercise' to help my memory. Music, as I have now found out, is an amazing fit.”                     - Jess Smith, US Navy Veteran

Our Partners