From January 2018 through June 2019, we are partnering with Dr. Thomas Ford of Western Carolina University (WCU) and Dr. Janelle Junkin of unlock Ngenuity, LLC to implement a mixed-methods Program Impact Evaluation (PIE) of all our classes across Washington, DC and Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA. The study seeks to understand the impact of our programs on our participants, their family members and caregivers, as well as the audience members who attend our graduation shows. Our primary goals for the PIE are outlined below:

  1. Inform the development of an improved monitoring & evaluation (M&E) system for our programs.

  2. Contribute directly to the research gap regarding the community arts’ effects on the well-being of veterans.

  3. Generate a model of evidence-based, community arts practices for implementation with veterans, service members, military/veteran family members, and caregivers.

In the following sections, we highlight several of the study’s preliminary results, our current outputs, as well as stories from the veterans, service members, and military families who have benefited from our programs.








For each art form, participants experience statistically significant increase in artistic skills

I think having this class and just talking about
some of the issues, it gives writing down your thoughts a purpose…
self esteem.PNG


Participants experience statistically significant increases in self-esteem due to ASAP programming

[ASAP] has given me the confidence to … express
myself to others.


Participants experience statistically significant increases in resiliency, especially commitment

[ASAP] is a way for me to ... talk about what I was going through, and put that on paper ... and work through the problem situation.



ASAP ensures that all of its programming is free and easily accessible, providing members of the veteran and military community the opportunity to acquire new skills, develop bonds with peers, and share their stories through the artistic avenue of their choosing. Through ASAP's continuous programs, participants and alumni grow as artists and leaders in their communities. The stories below begin to illustrate the impact ASAP has in the lives of our participants and their loved ones. 

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