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Impact of Funds

 Every tax-deductible donation advances the Armed Services Arts Partnership's mission to build and sustain communities in the arts for veterans and military families across the country. Your support allows an Iraq veteran to become a stand-up stand out, a Vietnam vet to learn how to play the piano, a WWII vet to effectively develop and tell his story, a college student to deeply connect with a local veteran for the first time, and an entire community to form around the expressive arts. If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a community, class, or veteran, please contact our Executive Director, Sam Pressler, at



$5,500 funds a ten-week Creative Writing Class, providing 12-15 veterans with a sustained, community outlet for expression through writing.


$2,500 funds one Veterans Writing Project seminar, offering 25 veterans the tools necessary to tell the unique stories of their military experiences.



$500 enables one veteran to participate in a ten-week Creative Writing Class, providing him/her with a consistent opportunity to develop his/her writing skills and creativity. 

$100 allows one veteran to participate in a Veterans Writing Project seminar, providing him/her with the techniques and confidence necessary to write poetry, memoir, or fiction about his/her military experience.

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$6,000 funds 10 weeks of group piano classes in one location. This provides professional quality instruction, free keyboards, and the opportunity to develop, express, and relax to 8 veterans. 


$6,000 supports 10 weeks of group guitar sessions at one partner institution, offering professional instruction, free guitars, and an outlet for expression, development, and relaxation to 8 veterans. 


$750 enables one veteran to engage in 10 weeks of group guitar or group piano sessions, providing her/him with professional quality instruction, a free instrument, and an outlet for expression, learning, and relaxation.

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Stand-Up Comedy


$6,500 funds a full class of Comedy Bootcamp sessions in one location. This enables 10 veterans to develop their stand-up comedy skills in a cathartic, community-based environment. 


$650 affords one veteran the opportunity to participate in an eight week Comedy Bootcamp session, allowing her/him to build her/his stand-up skills in an understanding, stigma-free community.

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Improvisational Comedy


$6,000 sponsors an entire, seven-week class of Veterans Improv sessions. This empowers 14 veterans to develop their critical thinking, communication skills, and confidence, all while forming close ties with fellow vets. 


$425 sponsors one veteran through a full Veterans Improv class, thereby allowing him/her to interact with and grow among a tight-knit unit comprised of veterans and servicemembers. 

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Sponsor a Community



$75,000 funds ASAP's DC programming for the 2016-2017 academic year, offering 150+ veterans sustained communities around comedy, writing, and music. 

$70,000 funds ASAP's Hampton Roads programming for the 2016-2017 academic year, providing 150+ veterans with sustained communities around comedy, writing, and music.

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