Alumni-organized, community-driven arts meetups for veterans, service members, and military families

ASAP | DIY empowers our veterans, service members, and military families to host arts-related meetups for fellow members of the ASAP community. We recognize that our alumni continue to be interested in opportunities for connection, skill-building, and leadership beyond our classes, workshops, performances, and partnerships. As such, we created the ASAP | DIY model to allow you, as an ASAP alumnus, to curate our community. Are you interested in teaching origami over tea and crumpets? Apply to make it an ASAP | DIY event. Interested in hosting a musical jam session at your local VFW post? Apply to make it an ASAP | DIY event. By making your meetup an official ASAP | DIY event, we commit to sharing it with our network, providing you with the tools to organize it, and helping you secure a venue. In return, you handle the event planning, coordination, and execution. If interested, we ask you to thoroughly review the sections below to learn about ASAP | DIY eligibility criteria, organizer expectations, evaluation process, and application instructions.


“I’m so glad I had the courage to go ahead with applying for this workshop… it was extremely user friendly and the staff helped me every step of the way. I hope to be an example for other artists and craftsmen that can provide workshops to this wonderful community of veterans and their families.”

-Nez Nelsen
DIY Workshop Leader, Operation Improv Alumnus



Who is eligible to apply for ASAP | DIY? At this time, we are only accepting ASAP | DIY applications from ASAP Alumni, which we define as individuals who have participated in our classes, workshops, or performances. In addition, all ASAP | DIY organizers should be sufficiently qualified to plan and facilitate the ASAP | DIY session.

What types of meetups will be eligible for ASAP | DIY? Art education opportunities will be the focus of ASAP | DIY events. Sessions must be 2-3 hours in length and involve artistic skill development in some way. For the purposes of ASAP | DIY, we broadly define the arts as the performing arts, visual arts and crafts, literary arts, musical arts, and the comedic arts.

How far in advance does one have to send an application to be considered? To ensure that the event is effectively planned, promoted, and executed, we require that all applications are submitted at least six weeks in advance of the intended date of the meetup.

Are there reporting requirements for ASAP | DIY? Yes. If you host an ASAP | DIY event, you will be required to submit an after action report detailing your experience, participation levels, and lessons learned. 

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ASAP Commits To:

  • Help secure a venue for weeknight events if needed

  • Provide relevant email templates and sign up forms

  • Promote event in our weekly newsletter and on our community calendars

Organizer Commits TO:

  • Secure a venue for weekend events

  • Update and send relevant emails and sign up forms

  • Promote the event through in-person interactions as well as ASAP's Facebook and Google Groups

  • Bring or request that ASAP | DIY participants bring necessary supplies, materials, food, and drinks



Applications must be submitted online via our application form at least six weeks in advance of the start date for your desired ASAP | DIY event. All applications will be evaluated by our staff on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. Please click the "Apply Now" button below to access the application form. We will only consider fully-completed applications, so we ask that you respond to every question before submitting. Should you have any questions or concerns about ASAP | DIY, please email val@asapasap.org. We look forward to reviewing your application!