A Common Bond II
An ASAP Anthology

When you think of a veteran or service member what comes to mind? A hero? A victim? Oftentimes, books about veterans and the military are told in valorizing or victimizing terms. This is not one of those books.

Creativity is born from community--and all of the stories and poems in this anthology are written by veterans, service members, and military family members who continue to participate in ASAP’s classes and workshops. Some stories are tragic, others are comedic. Some relate to the military, others have nothing to do with it. Yet collectively, these stories articulate a more diverse and dynamic narrative of the veteran, military, and human experience.

Comprised of 49 fiction, nonfiction, memoir, and poetry pieces from 26 veteran and military-affiliated writers, A Common Bond II showcases the powerful stories and unrestrained creativity forged through our community.

Edited by:
Sofia Starnes, Kelly Kennedy, J. Ford Huffman, and Victoria Kelly.

Praise for A Common Bond II

Many never take the leap of sending a poem, essay, or short story off for critique and consumption; opening one’s private self is an act of courage. Through their willingness to take that step, the contributors to this ASAP volume are gifting others the opportunity to catch glimpses of the rich, deep lives of members of our military community… I hope the act of writing was as rewarding for them as being able to read their words has been for me, and I expect to see some of their names in major publications in years to come.
— Kayla Williams, Author of Love My Rifle More Than You
The voices of A Common Bond II, many from women and people of color, are plaintive, searing, candid, elegiac, funny, and expertly stave off sentimentality at every turn. They also underscore dramatically that there is so single war narrative, no single lens through which to view war, and that the verities of human experience when it comes to war are exponential … This book and its writers are utterly crucial.
— Joseph Bathanti, North Carolina Poet Laureate (2012-2014)
An impressive collection of short stories and poems straight from the hearts and souls of talented men and women who served their country during both peace and war. The authors masterfully draw you into their inner most feelings as they describe their personal triumphs and tragedies. Veterans will be able to identify with many of the writings. This is a must read for those who have made lifelong friends, overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, lost comrades, and have visible and invisible imprints of their military service.
— Major General Juan Ayala, USMC (Ret.)


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