WE cultivate community and growth with veterans, service members, military families, and caregivers through the arts.

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Our Approach

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We offer free, weekly classes in stand-up comedy, improv, storytelling, and creative writing.



We provide free, monthly workshops across a broad array of artistic disciplines.



We host grad shows, veteran open mics, and other partner performances featuring our alumni.


Arts Partnerships

We partner with arts organizations and teaching artists to ensure our alumni have consistent opportunities for artistic growth.

Our Stories


"As I looked back on this journey, I realized that I did not have to be 'that guy' with PTSD. In fact, when I perform [comedy], I am not 'that guy,' I am a totally different person."

- William Breckenridge, US Army Veteran


"[Comedy] helps me change my outlook on life. When something bad happens to me now, I’m like ‘this is going to be great material,’ whereas before I would just dwell on it and get more angry and spiral more into my depression."

Isaura Ramirez, US Army Veteran


"For some reason, when I signed up [for Comedy Bootcamp], I didn’t even think of the community aspect that would increasingly build over the next two months. The experience was really nothing short of magical."

- Bryan Banning, US Navy Veteran

Support Our Mission


Your tax-deductible donation directly empowers veterans and military family members to re-enter, find a voice, and thrive in their communities through ASAP's arts classes, workshops, performances, and alumni opportunities. With your support, we can use the arts to build communities in which our veterans and military families flourish.