Veterans Writing Group

Our Veterans Writing Groups (VWG) offer cost-free, consistent creative writing sessions to service members, veterans, and military family members of all writing backgrounds and skill levels. Group members participate in sessions led by professors and professional writers, complete writing prompts, workshop their material, and receive feedback during meetings, share their work with fellow members for critiques between sessions, publish in blogs and journals, compete in writing contests, and attend guest speaker events. 

Public Readings

Daniel Reichwein (Student-Veteran)

Deb Perry (Post-9/11 Veteran)


Jose Roman (Post-9/11 Veteran)

Mike Lancaster (Vietnam Veteran)


It’s amazingly thoughtful and kind that people out there- particularly young people- want to help veterans get our stories out there. Many people just need some fine-tuning in order to turn their experiences into a form of expression that will be understood by others. It’s not just valuable writing instruction- it’s tangible proof that people out there actually care. I was blown away by that.
— Shannon Smith | US Navy | Post-9/11
The Veterans Writing Group offers people the opportunity to have their voice heard among those whom they call their brothers and sisters in arms. To hear the experiences of survivors, told in their own words, is beyond comparison and should be taken advantage of whenever possible. The VWG is dedicated to spreading the stories of enlisted men and women and the struggles and triumphs they endured while serving in the US Armed Forces.
— Tod Belt | US Navy & US Army | Post-9/11
Our stories must be told - we are part of our American History. We share our current writings for therapy, but also for emotional knowledge of what war influences and involves, so that sacrifices are not in vain, and hopefully, to stop the need for wars.
— Joe Bruni | USMC | WWII
The Veterans Writing Group helps by giving vets, and the families of vets, a haven for sharing and creating work that restores, reveals opportunities we’d otherwise miss, and gets us re-situated - to heal and become whole again.
— Jenny Loveland | US Air Force | Desert Storm