About the Instructor

Shawn Westfall was the exclusive teacher of improvisational comedy at the DC Improv for over 12 years. His classes have been featured in the pages of The Washington Post, The Washington Post Express, Washingtonian magazine, and on several radio and TV shows. Shawn has also performed improv for nearly two decades with a number of professional improv troupes and founded the improv group Bright Young Things. He has accumulated a number of accolades for his performances, both in DC and along the East Coast. Finally, Shawn is the CEO and founder of Commedia Partners, which provides on-site corporate events that unleash the fun, power, and tools of improv comedy to help foment creativity, build camaraderie, enhance communication skills, create and cement teams, and allow organizations to re-envision themselves and their people.

Intro to Improv at Unified Scene Theater

Ever thought 'Hey, this improv crap looks fun. But I’m not sure I could do it. Wouldn’t mind giving it a test run before I do.' Well, now’s your chance: ASAP and Unified Scene Theater are offering a free 3-hour improv workshop at The Unified Scene Theater. Come on by. Kick the tires. You might surprise yourself — and have fun doing it!


When: Saturday, July 28th from 2-5pm

Where: The Unified Scene Theater, 80 T St NW Washington, DC

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