Satire Writing Workshop - Paul Szoldra of Duffel Blog



There's a whole lot of absurdity in the world, and there's no better way to illustrate just how absurd than through the use of satire. In this workshop from Paul Szoldra, the Editor-in-Chief of the satirical military news site Duffel Blog, you'll learn the essential elements of satire, a brief history of what it is and how it can be employed, and how to formulate your own satirical ideas. Throughout the workshop, you’ll learn how to properly pitch, and eventually, write a hilarious satirical news story that will encourage your audience to think more deeply about an issue. This basic-level class will be highly-interactive, so bring your enthusiasm, sense of humor, and a laptop (or a pen and paper).

Where & When

This workshop will take place at the Capitol Post, ASAP’s office, located at 625 N Washington St. Ste #425, Alexandria, VA 22314 and will be available on two separate dates to ensure more space for participation. The Satire Writing Workshop will be available on Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9, from 9 AM - 5 PM. You can indicate your preferred date when applying below.

Paul Szoldra

Paul Szoldra is a writer, entrepreneur, and speaker.

He is the founder and editor-in-chief of Duffel Blog, an online military satire publication that now boasts more than one million unique readers each month, with content produced by a talented pool of 100+ contributing writers from every branch of service. Besides its beloved status within the military community, Duffel Blog has received high praise from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, former Pentagon spokesman George Little, The Onion's founding editor Scott Dikkers, and many others.

Since leaving the Marine Corps as a sergeant in 2010, he has made writing his full-time career, juggling his role as editor-in-chief of Duffel Blog with more serious journalistic writing pursuits, to include stints at Business Insider and We Are The Mighty.

He lives in San Clemente, California.