We offer eight-week, beginner-level improv classes at no cost to veterans, service members and military family members. Our improv courses provide veterans with a safe, constructive, and team-oriented environment to build valuable skills and express themselves. Oh yeah, and we typically end up laughing our butts off in the process. Our improv class culminates with a graduation show, where students invite family members and friends to support them as they take the stage for the first time! Upon graduation, alumni can participate in advanced-level improv courses through our partner improv schools. Finally, we host monthly improv jam sessions open to our alumni as well as all veterans, service members, military families, and caregivers who have intro-level improv experience. 


Upcoming Classes

PLEASE NOTE: Throughout 2018, ASAP is conducting a Program Impact Evaluation (PIE) with Dr. Tom Ford of Western Carolina University and Dr. Janelle Junkin of unlock Ngenuity, LLC. The PIE includes a 30 minute survey before classes begin, a post-class survey two weeks after classes conclude, follow up surveys again at three months and six months, and at least one interview or focus group. Completion of each survey automatically enters you in to a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. Participation in the PIE is voluntary, and your willingness to participate will not affect your admission into the program. If you have any questions about the PIE, please feel free to contact ASAP staff at hello@asapasap.org.


  • Instructor: Shawn Westfall, USAF

  • When: Saturdays, September 15th - October 27th (excluding Sept. 29th), 2PM - 4PM; grad show scheduled for November 3rd at 8PM

  • Where: The Unified Scene Theater, Washington, D.C.

  • Application Deadline: Applicants will be admitted on a rolling basis until August 11th, 2018                              


  • Instructor: Brad McMurran

  • When: Saturdays, September 8th - October 20th (excluding Oct. 6th), 12PM - 3PM; grad show scheduled for October 26th at 7:30PM

  • Where: The Sandler Center, Virginia Beach, VA

  • Application Deadline: Applicants will be admitted on a rolling basis until August 4th, 2018                 


Are you a veteran, service member, military family member, or caregiver who has already enrolled in an improv program? If so, then you are welcome to sign up for our monthly improv jam sessions in DC and Hampton Roads. Hone your improv skills while connecting with fellow veterans!