Focus Group Facilitators

The Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) and Dr. Janelle Junkin of unlock Ngenuity, LLC are seeking four to five masters level students or recent psychology graduates who are available for training in ASAP's Program Impact Evaluation (PIE) data collection protocol. Those who are selected will conduct 40-minute focus groups with class participants as well as audience members at ASAP’s graduation shows. Focus group facilitators will be compensated $35/focus group.

Focus Group OVERVIEW

Purpose: The research that focus group facilitators will be supporting will allow ASAP to bolster the quality and rigor of ASAP’s evaluation approach. This will help ASAP achieve two primary goals: (1) establish a precedent for community arts programs for veterans and their families; and (2) contribute quality research that explains the community arts’ impact on the well-being of veterans.

Dates/Times: There are three data collection times. 1) April-May, 2018; 2) August, 2018; and 3) October-November, 2018. However, there may times between April 2018 - December 2018 that we will request additional assistance in data collection.  

Locations: All focus groups will be conducted at program or performance venues in the Greater Washington and Hampton Roads Metro Areas. 


Qualified applicants will meet the following requirements:

  • Completed an introductory course on qualitative research methods.

  • Conducted at least one interview or focus group (either as in-class project or in contribution as research assistant).

  • Available during the designated time frame.

  • Demonstrated ability to take detailed notes while listening to others speak.

  • Demonstrated ability to elicit information from others using an approved protocol.

  • Able to conduct oneself in professional manner as a representative of ASAP and unlock Ngenuity, LLC.

  • Available to participate in mandatory training(s) in interview/focus group protocol for the PIE (will be conducted via Zoom).


Apply Today

If interested in becoming a focus group facilitator, please send your resume to with "ASAP Qualitative Interviews" as your subject line. All questions and concerns can also be directed to this email address.

About ASAP

The Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) is a DC- and Hampton Roads-based nonprofit with a mission to reintegrate veterans, service members, and military families into their communities through the arts. We promote expression, skill-development, and camaraderie through classes, workshops, and performances across a variety of artistic disciplines. Our focus on consistent programs and partnerships ensures that members of our community have continuous opportunities for artistic and personal growth. Our approach provides participants with transferable life skills, a renewed sense of purpose, and improved well-being. At the same time, we strengthen ties between veterans and their communities through the arts. ASAP has been featured on CNNABCBBC, and the Washington Post; has been the subject of a documentary from PBS; and has even delivered a performance at The White House. The organization has been recognized by Americans for the Arts as a national leader in engaging veterans through the arts, HillVets as one of the 100 most influential organizations in the veterans space, and on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.